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About Dr. Yehia

About Us

Dr. Yehia Khaled

Consultant Of Bariatric and General Surgery.
Member of the International Federation of bariatric surgery and Diabetes IFSO.
Member of the Egyptian Society for Obesity and Diabetes ESBS.
Member of the Egyptian Society for laparoscopic surgery ESLS.

Our goal is outstanding healthcare that gives you an integrated healthy life

Dr. Yehia Khaled aims to provide the best health services to the patient and reach the highest quality rates while maintaining the highest rates of surgical safety by:

The teamwork of the medical team aimed at accurately assessing the patient's state of Health, choosing the most suitable type of surgery for him then optimally equipping him for the operation.

Performing surgery in the best and most modern hospitals that provide the best medical care to the patient using the latest surgical techniques and taking into account their accurate sterilization.

Careful and continuous follow-up of the patient's health condition after the operation until reassurance that he has reached his desired goal.

We build long-term relationships with our patients, not just a short ones, but we become a family and are always looking for the best ways to provide the best services to our patients. Our team is constantly evolving their medical capabilities to keep abreast of the latest developments. Our centers are highly hygienic, sterilized, we periodically follow up with our patients, and our medical staff is highly qualified and skilled medically and scientifically.

What distinguishes us

Why choose Dr. Yehia Khaled Center?

Outstanding medical team

Dr. Yehia Khaled Center has an integrated medical team of the most qualified medical staff who work hard to provide our patients with the highest rates of safety and comfort.

The latest surgical instruments and techniques

All surgical services at the center are performed with the latest surgical techniques and tools that guarantee our patients the highest rates of safety, success, and rapid recovery with a minimal average of pain.

Periodic follow-up

From the moment the patient enters our center, he is a member of our family, we are committed to a periodic follow-up with him step by step until his treatment journey ends safely.

Success stories

Patients Testimonials

We are pleased with the experiences and Testimonials of our visitors, hoping to be able to achieve the highest success and satisfaction rate for them all the time.
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